I don’t know about you, but I have had several different identities over my lifetime – daddy’s girl, little sister, big sister, the new girl, favored niece/cousin, wife and mother, divorcee, single parent, mom of six, non-traditional student, best friend, teacher, inspirational speaker, and colleague. The identity I cherish the most, however, is daughter of the Most High, Princess Warrior, joint heir with Christ!

Every identity has its own stories – and I love to tell stories. Numerous people over the last few years have been bugging me about starting a blog to share my stories with others. To tell the truth, I have been dragging my feet, saying it was a good idea, but doing nothing about it. I suppose it is partly out of fear – who on earth truly wants to hear my stories, what greater meaning will they receive, and most significantly – can I possibly be consistent and stick with it?

Well, we are about to find out.

My motive for writing and sharing with you is that somehow, through the craziness of this thing called my life, I can brighten your day, bring laughter to your moments, be the catalyst for a deeper searching within, and pour out on you the hope that comes from living life through facing the real questions and with meaning and purpose – God’s meaning and God’s purpose. I will be sharing stories from our family life, our “chosen family” life, observations on life in general, as well as insights gained as God provides.

I truly appreciate your feedback and topic suggestions. Together we can imagine life “in a perfect  world” and, just to warn you, my perfect world always begins with laughter.