As I spend time with the Lord, I am frequently prompted to turn into a personal prayer and proclamation before Him. This morning was on of those times.

Whatever passage He directs you to today and in the coming weeks – turn into a personal response to Him and to the circumstances in which He has placed you.

Psalm 23 from my heart to my Papi’s heart…

Papi, LORD God of Heaven, You are my perfect shepherd; I have all I need ~ therefore I choose to be content with what You provide, to be at peace in Your Presence – right where I am in my journey with You.

You lead me to rest in soft, green meadows and You lead me beside peaceful streams so that I can receive the nourishment and the freshness that I need for the difficult parts of the climb. You fill me with Yourself and feed my hunger for You and You satisfy my thirst for Your righteousness.

You renew my strength as I grow weary on the journey and as I am attacked by the enemy and falsely accused and taunted and tempted to lower myself to the enemy’s standards and tactics. You come and fill me with renewal and hope by the power and the Presence of Your Holy Spirit. And You also wrap me in Your arms and remind me who I am – the precious, beloved daughter of the LORD Most High and the betrothed of the King of Kings. By His blood I am royalty.

You guide me along paths of Your righteousness – in the right way, with a right heart, to do the right things, with the right attitude – for the sole purpose of bringing honor to Your Name – of giving credit and praise to Your Nature and to Your Character and to Your Reputation.

Even when I walk through the darkest valley – as I am right now – I WILL NOT BE AFRAID, for YOU are close beside me. By the strength YOU have given me as I am renewed in You, I WILL face all the lions and challenges in the way You lead me. I know that Your rod and Your staff protect and comfort me ~ it is in Your gentle guidance and Your steadying hand and Your loving discipline that I am most fulfilled and at peace and pleasing to Your heart.

You prepare a feast for me ~ all that I need plus joy and peace and goodness and gentleness and kindness and self-control ~ IN the presence of my enemies, they cannot steal Your fruit from my life! As I focus on You they cannot rob me of all You have provided. AND, on top of all this, You honor me by anointing my head with oil ~ You bring healing and You make it known that You have chosen me as the vessel of Your Presence, as the recipient of Your salvation and for the good works that You ordained for me to do from before the beginning of time.


Surely, Your goodness and Your unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life ~ YOU will never let me go, You will never stop doing Your work of refining and perfecting me and making me in the exact image of Your Son!

I will live in YOUR Presence, in Your dwelling place, with YOU, Papi ~ forever!Ps