We had a blast of a painting party at my chosen sister’s house today. It was so much fun and we still got everything done we needed to get done. There was painting going on everywhere you looked. And paint wound up in the darnedest of places. We primed, we painted, we rolled, we brushed, we cleared away cobwebs and junk and more junk. And we laughed and giggled and just plain had fun.

Everywhere you looked, there were people painting. Big people, little people (and yes, I just might be talking about myself), old people, young people… people all over. Mostly we looked like family – a wonderful family who loves each other to pieces. I love being part of God’s family. I love being part of His family in this place with these people.

And oh, what an  honor it is to be family – brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins, kids and bigger kids – all bound together by the love of our Heavenly Father Who purchased our adoption through the very blood of His own Son. I never tire of hearing or thinking about that truth.
I AM THE DAUGHTER OF THE MOST HIGH GOD! Are you His child, too? Do you think about what that means on a daily basis? Do you know that He is crazy in love with YOU?!
…then go out and let Him make a difference in other’s lives. That’s what He loves to do!