Today was quite busy. A contact lens fitting appointment in Bellingham. Lunch with a treasured friend who just needed to process the normal messy issues of being human. A bit of running around with my daughter. Bringing one son and a friend home. Running another one to check on a job application. A bowl of cereal for dinner and off to my ladies’ Bible study with Beth Moore (Believing God, if you haven’t gone through, I highly recommend it!), and now I’m home, trying to slow down and get ready for a great night’s sleep (sometimes affirmations are needed!).

But, yesterday, ahhhh yesterday, yes, that was a day unlike others. I have shared that God is calling me to slow down more often, to take time to be apart and be before Him in quietness. That was yesterday. A beautiful day of rest for me. I can hardly believe I am going to admit this to you all, but I didn’t even get up till nearly 8:00 am. That may not sound late to you, but it is for me.

And then, I came right straight back to bed – in fact I spent the entire day in my bed. Sitting up mind you, spending time seeking my Papi, and going through my homework for my two small group studies, and even writing my entrance essay for grad school. But, there was nothing hurried about the day. I enjoyed my time with the Lord. I was able to take time to BE before Him in my studies, to hear Him speak directly to me, and to be able to respond to Him in the quietness of my day. And then He gave me unexpected time to build a relationship with a young woman who needed time with an older mentor to encourage her and remind her of who she is IN CHRIST! And then the day ended with a house full of my boys and my chosen boys. I love when they gather here and feel at home and spend time with one another. I may not understand the whole male bonding/exchange thing – but I love to observe and have them here to pray over and be reminded of how our lives intersect and benefit one another on multiple levels.

Yes, it was a day of rest – a day of restoration and relaxation. I missed it today – but I am grateful that I have come to a place where I can say I missed it. Our God is continually in the process of redeeming and restoring and remaking each of His children into the glorious image of His precious Son, Jesus! Thank You, Lord, that You NEVER fail!!!