I was reminded once again today why God made puppies (and our kids) so stinking cute! Remember that adorable little puppy I wrote about months ago? Well, he’s all bigger now (all 10+ pounds of him) and he’s in that stage where he is sooooooo lucky to still be alive.

Those Southern ladies of you out there will probably understand this better than some others, but that stinking puppy has now dug up my hydrangea 3 times. I could have nearly killed him this morning when I went out to find he had been at it again – even after I moved it! And mind you this is the hydrangea that survived my oldest son trying to murder it with a weed whacker just a few years ago. I don’t know what it is with those stinking boys I have around here! ; )

But I can tell you this – despite their shenanigans – I love them each and every one dearly – and don’t tell them this, but I wouldn’t trade a single one of them!