The question continues. I have been pursuing the possibility (I should say the leading that just won’t go away) of beginning grad school this fall. Step by step I have been going through the process – filling out the application and the FAFSA, writing essays, requesting letters of recommendation, taking the MAT, staying in contact the admissions folks, beginning the process of looking for funding. And yesterday was the big day – the admissions interview. Mars Hill conducts group interviews – a new concept to me, although I understand it is a practice that is gaining in popularity. I can definitely say that yesterday was intense.

My wonderful chosen sister, Lila, volunteered to drive to Seattle with me. We haven’t had that kind of time to just be in quite a while and we filled the 2+ hours with excited dialogue and planning for an idea that has been stirring in my heart for the past few years. It was exciting and terrifying! I still don’t have the whole plan or clarity for how God wants to bring it about or even the timing of how things will come together, but like the process of applying to grad school – I am following one step at a time. And I am walking in faith, trusting God that He will continue to reveal each step and provide every need and direction according to His timing. I believe God! He will be glorified in and through my life, because that is His will and His plan!

So, on with the day. We made good time getting into Seattle and had no problem finding parking, so we arrived at Mars Hill a bit early, which gave us time to relax and chat with a few of the other candidates for admission. And God continued to amaze and surprise us. Lila and I began chatting with one of the new people to join us. Her name is Sue. As she began sharing her story, Lila and I kept on looking at each other and stifling our laughter, which we had to explain to Sue. She just kept on using key words and phrases that we had put down on paper during our discussion on the trip down. Sue is actively doing part of what God has put in me to develop into a model that can be used in so very many different situations. Our God and His “coincidences” – He is just too funny!!!

Then we were called together to begin the interview process for the day. It started out with writing for an hour. We were given a packet of questions and scenarios to which we needed to  respond. Fortunately we weren’t expected to complete them all, but just work through them as we chose. I am once again so very grateful for all the Lord has brought me through and grown me over the years. I am so thankful that I know HIM!

After that hour, we were broken into small groups of 4-5 candidates and 2 faculty members/staff and sent off for our group interviews. It was basically a directed small group discussion. Our group was asked to share how our experiences had shaped our view of God. I was in a group with 4 twenty-something year old women from very diverse backgrounds. It was interesting to hear from each of them and to see how God had worked in each life. These women shared profound insights gained through their experiences, which were encouraging and uplifting and challenging. There were questions and comments for each by all of us. A very interesting process. And as the big group gathered back together, it was clear that each group had very different experiences – based on the personhood of each  the  facilitators. I can’t imagine what the decision-making process must be life for these folks. Although I would love to be a fly on the wall during that process!

Then  we gathered all together again for the debriefing. We discussed together some of the questions from the written section, asked our own questions and made comments. And then we were done with the interview portion.

They fed us lunch, conducted a few forums with question and answer times, and we were off. Lila and I had to leave a bit early so we didn’t get to all the forums or the closing words by the President of the School. But what we got was a lot!

And now the wait continues. I should know within 2 weeks whether or not I have been accepted. And I continue to wait to see how the Lord will provide the funds. Hurry and wait, hurry and wait. I need to apply for scholarships and grants and anything else I can find to cover the costs. But I can’t start that process until I have a formal acceptance. What if they don’t want me??? And so, waiting is what I am doing now. And reminding myself to lay it all down at the feet of Jesus and trust. Do not be anxious. Do not worry. Walk in faith. My path is determined by my wonderful, loving Heavenly Father Who knows exactly what each day holds and what He has planned for my future.

I can trust. I can wait in confidence and fully enjoy the days while waiting. He is worthy. And He understands what I need FOR the process. What an honor it is to be adopted as the daughter of the Almighty God!!! I am His and He is mine! Is that not amazing?!

So, what are you waiting for today? Can you rest in confidence knowing that your Father has it all in His capable hands? Oh the joy of trust and faith!!!