I am pooped! A day filled with running boys all over creation, paying bills, mailing scholarship application, and yard work – hooray for the advent of the sun in northwest Washington! Matthew and I even washed the van with Granger supervising – while tied up and unable to play.

But a great spiritual lesson. Granger is a runner and he does not listen. I mentioned to Matthew that there was a lesson in Granger’s being chained up instead of being free to follow us around the car (and boy did he whine about it!). The answer “Oh yeah?” gave me my chance. And how true it is!

I wonder how often God has had to tether me down because I was so distracted by all that was around me and have had the tendency to run and not hear Him when He called me to stop and listen and pay attention to His voice? Do you know what I mean? Poor Granger can’t ever go outside without being on a lead or on the cable that ties him down. He is a scrawny, wiry little thing and he wiggles his way right out of the fence and into the road. Has almost gotten run over way too many times.

So, we have to tie him down for his own protection. I know that my Papi has had to do the same to me over the years. And now, I am so thankful that He has, that He loves me enough to do what is best for me, not what is most convenient or easy or makes me feel good. He is the ultimate peacemaker – and His peace is perfect. I am so very grateful that I am learning to walk in His peace, to hear His voice, and to stop or slow down or wait – according to His direction.

I want to run freely by His side, to be with Him everywhere He leads me! And I know that freedom only comes when I consistently demonstrate my obedience to His voice. Hooray for the process and especially for His understanding patience!

Here’s hoping you’re not living life tied down and restricted. But if you are, here’s a reminder to slow down and listen for His voice and choose obedience! Life is so much more fun and fulfilling when you can freely run by the Father’s side!