What a difference a day can make! What a joy to cry out to our amazing Savior and to find the comforting, tender arms wrap around us and draw us into our Father’s lap! We are so very blessed to love and serve a God who is so intimately involved with every detail of our lives!

While the grieving still comes in waves, the comfort overtakes me with the unmeasurable love of God for me – as messy and imperfect and in need of His constant saving grace as I am. Today has been a day of healing and continued clarity in His purpose and design for my life. The Holy Spirit has spoken and reminded me that the work of God is often done under the surface and not visible to our eyes, but He is working just the same. We need to continue to walk in faith, believing His Words and His Promises to us.

Today He brought my beloved sisters and family and friends around me and reminded me that I am created to live and function in community. I need the healing touch and words of my brothers and sisters, and I need to share the abundance of that love with others. Receive and give, be filled and pour out.

In and out, just like our breath. Shallow breathing produces pain and tension and if left to continue, can encourage disease and dysfunction.  But deep breathing fills every part of our being with life-giving oxygen and nutrients and provides our bodies with what it needs to heal and restore and thrive. Thank You, Lord, for the reminder to breathe deeply of Your Spirit and Your Provision and the nutrients my spirit needs to thrive in You!

I have been ministered to today and I have ministered to others. I have felt exhausted and depleted, yet through the very act of obedience and pouring out into the lives of others, I have become invigorated and refreshed. I am ending the day today full and satisfied and encouraged in His Provision.

After a very full and busy day, my sister Janet was driving me home and as we turned westward, my breath was nearly taken away at the beauty of the sunset. The heavens were ablaze with color and texture and light and contrast! THE Master Painter created a masterpiece right before our eyes! And as Janet said, the canvas was for us to witness and treasure in the moment, for it will be wiped clean and the Master will start fresh again tomorrow.

Just like my life. Every moment I live, I have the opportunity to start fresh and witness a brand new masterpiece being created in and through my life at every turn. Oh, what mercy! Oh, what a Savior!!!