It is SO not about me! How can my memory be so incredibly short?!

Everything, every detail of my life, is about the glory and honor of Almighty God, Jehovah! I love His absolute commitment to redemption and our reconciliation to Him. While I was yet a sinner – still He loved me! His truth never fails – it will never be proven wrong – it is never mistaken in any detail!

Oh, how I love Him and adore Him and long to please Him and bring joy to His heart – to know that He LOVES to say, Well done, good and faithful servant. Jesus said, Why do you call me good? Only God is good. That means that only what I do in complete faith and reliance on the Holy Spirit in me can ever be called good. What an amazing grace – it is never and has never been and never will be about my performance.

And, because He is eternal and not bound by time, as I walk in the light of His Presence and allow the Holy Spirit to bring conviction and repentance for the times I have disobeyed or just not acted in faith – I can choose to apply faith retroactively and see the situation from His perspective and He will redeem my memories to see His active role in pursuing me and RE-making me in the image of His wonderful Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

It is all about believing God and acting out of the faith He is building in me!

Thank You, Papi, for Your continued revelation as well as Your completed redemption through the cross!