Giants. Battles.
The Glory of Your Name, Your Fame.
Be strong. Be courageous. Go forward.
Trust in the LORD our Righteousness.
Leadership. Humility.
Deliverance by the Strong Right Hand of Almighty God.
Praising today for tomorrow’s victory.

Believing God.
Choice in the face of feelings.

Worship. Focus.
My death IN Jesus on the Cross.
Sin is no longer the issue…
Relationship, fellowship, surrender is everything!

HOPE – joyful anticipation of what God has promised.
I AM blessed beyond measure!
WHY am I afraid to walk in His blessing,
Focused, worshipping God in intentional faith,
confident of His work in me –
in ALL His body, His bride!
IT IS DONE! Completed. Sealed.

Believing God.

Like the butterfly struggling to free itself from the cocoon,
please don’t try to free me early. I need the struggle.
But I do appreciate the calming voice inviting me into a brand new perspective!

Believing God!