Do you ever have those moments with your kids that make you want to run to your Father’s arms and just praise Him and thank Him again and again and again? Though far too rare, they are truly mountain top experiences for me! And yesterday was just one of those days.

Mother and son, yet co-heirs together with Christ. A rare moment when a young adult son just opens up and shares his heart and as a result there is that wonderful, Spirit-filled communion that seems to saturate everything around you. Then add to that an amazingly beautiful, almost surreal, sunset and another son coming home after being away for 10 days – a perfect ending to a perfect day that started out with an aching heart and a wish for more, but turned into a day richly filled with fellowship and love – beginning with chosen sister time and ending with precious son time!

Fellowship. It is beautiful and refreshing and life-giving. It requires community and transparency and love. Above all it requires love, and with love, forgiveness and the overlooking of offenses and sometimes the tackling of wrong – even when it is unpopular and fearful and threatening and outside our comfort zone.

I am thankful for fellowship and community and transparency and love – even in the face of the uncomfortable. Even when it seems like it is going to stretch me beyond the breaking point. Such is life. I would rather be living on the edge and truly live and experience the Presence of God (translated into stretching beyond the breaking point only to learn that He is already there and He alone sustains me and upholds me and sends me back for more!) than to play it safe and be truly miserable all my few years here on planet Earth.

So, thank You for stretching me, Lord! Thank You for being my Papi who loves me always and forever! I’m ready to jump because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that You are there to catch me – even if it is only to catapult me on to the next adventure!

Woohooo! Here we go!