Tonight was my last night (at least until the end of the year) at the ministry I helped found two years ago, Healthy Hearts Healthy Homes. Monday night was the last for the ladies’ small group that will soon be “testing” the prayer study I wrote last year. I’m starting a new season filled with challenges and stretching and I’m sure a great deal of adventure and proving. I begin classes for a Master’s degree in counseling psychology in a matter of days.

A new season – in many ways. We are leaving summer behind and entering autumn. My kids are entering new seasons in their schooling and their work. I hope to be entering a new season that moves steadily toward reconciliation and redemption. Changes. Uncertainties. Wonder. And, yes, excitement and anticipation!

And stress.

So… just how well will I deal with the stress? My track record is not so good on that one right now. My body is the living proof of the ways I am not dealing well with the stress in my life. I am hoping to enter a new season in this regard as well. A season of increased and matured faith. Of learning to quickly take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ and not allowing my thoughts to be my master. Of the renewing and transforming of my mind. Of resting in His peace and living in His fullness. All these things in greater measure day by day. That is my hope and it is truly my confidence in my Savior – the author and finisher of my faith.

Changing seasons. May the changes be visible in me in such a degree that my God is glorified and honored and His body is built up and encouraged and challenged to want and love Him more themselves.