In several of my classes, we have been learning about the role of lament. Of our need to cry out in our pain. To voice our lack of understanding and our experience of God’s lack of presence in our despair and sorrow.

That is where I am right now. Lament. Sorrow. Anger. Questioning. Doubting. Crying out. I want to know the meaning of it all. Is there light? Is there hope? Am I okay in my pain and my doubt? Is there hope in my relationships?








Even in the midst of this hard, difficult time

I can honestly say

I hope not.

I hope I never get it right and lose contact with the reality that

I need.

I need others.

I need help.

I need, I need, I need.

I need God


I need Him through you.

Through His creation

and His beauty

and His revelation of Himself in others.

I cannot truly experience Him when I choose isolation from you.

Even when you hurt me,

I need you.

Even when what you do angers me,

I need you.

Even when I feel we have no common ground,

I need you.

I need to choose to see the face of God when I look into your face.

I need to seek His Presence in your pain and sorrow and joy and elation.

I need to seek Him in the everydayness of life.

I need vision – eyes to see.

I need understanding – ears to hear.

I need to connect – hands and feet that are ready for His use.

Do you need?