Where does your focus rest?

I love the view from my front windows. I am enchanted by God’s creativity each and every day. He displays the absolute truth of His Word and I get to experience and see it reenacted time and again – His mercies are indeed new every morning – and never is one morning identical to any other morning of mercies revealed.

As I look out my window to the east – the mountains and the sunrise – where will my focus rest? On the power lines that obstruct my view (but allow for all that I have come to enjoy in life that depends on electricity) or the amazing beauty of the color and patterns that invite me to enter into the Presence of the creative work of my Heavenly Father? Or, can I see both and appreciate each one for the value and wonder that is so beautifully poured out on me. Oh how I would love to open my heart and eloquently speak all that I see and how I am blessed – even in the broken vision that is before me.

I am in the midst of the greatest heartbreak of my life, and yet my Father has also surrounded me with the wonder of His beauty as expressed through His incarnate body here on earth – the body of Christ – His children – my sisters and my brothers in Christ. I am truly blessed, even in the midst of my grieving and seeking the face of God and the agony of seeing the brokenness of my own self and of my origins. I often wonder if I will ever be able to step into my brokenness enough to become broken bread and poured out wine. I know it’s necessary, and yet I hold back in fear. I don’t know that I have what it takes to see the bare truth and survive.

But even in acknowledging the truth of my fear, I know that I long to gaze into His face more than I long to pretend to see my own. Even if I am blinded in the process, I need to see His glory and be transformed. For it is Christ alone – in me – which is the hope of glory.

Where I choose to focus my gaze is one of the keys that will determine how I view life and the impact my circumstances have on me – and therefore on the loved ones who surround me.

We can be looking directly at the beauty and wonder of God’s revelation to us, and yet miss it completely if we focus on the things that mar that revelation – whether that is pain, disappointment, tragedy, success, our natural preferences and prejudices, or even people we put up on a pedestal who draw our focus away from God Himself.

So, will I, will you choose to LIVE right where God has planted us, or will we take matters into our own hands and move ourselves so that we no longer see that which mars our view, our lives? Holy Spirit, I ask for the gift of repentance, tears, and faith. Draw me into You!