Is this really as far as the horizon goes?



As I sat eating my dinner (Chick-fil-a sandwich and waffle fries) in the Viking Union (with Brianna at WWU), I looked out at Bellingham Bay, and this play on words struck me as funny – a shipping company with the name Horizon Lines. While I’m sure this ship can often be seen on the horizon, it was far from the horizon this day. It was in fact tied down and anchored in the harbor.

And then you add all the possible meanings of lines – there is much that could be said and many parallels that could be drawn. There are the lines actually in the design of the ship. There are the lines that track the destinations this ship has visited. There are the lines of communication necessary to accomplish its purposes. There are commercial lines and waiting lines and lines of demarcation. The possibilities are almost endless.

What do we do with the “words” of God? Do we only hear them in terms of the definitions that most easily and quickly come to us or do we take the time to truly listen to Him and allow Him to show us the multiple possibilities of what He would like to communicate to us each and every day with each new set of circumstances and people with which we cross paths?

How often are we like this ship – tied to the dock, locked in the harbor, waiting for… what? What are we waiting for? Why aren’t we out on the open sea, meeting the challenges of life, and freely responding to the touch and movement of our Master? How many of us substitute the safety and security of the harbor and the stability of the dock for the unknown adventure of living the Life that has so abundantly been put within us?

Yes, we will face struggles and storms and adversity. And, yes, we will even need times to be restored and refreshed and refueled in the harbor. But the harbor times are not meant to define us. We are defined by the obedience we display on the open waters.

What waves are you facing today that threatens to wash over you and wants you to believe it has the power to capsize you?

Mine generally have to do with my family and my “reputation” in the eyes of others. I fear not being well thought of. I fear being thought of as poor and needy and unable to make it on my own. I fear not being able to handle every situation that comes my way with grace and beauty and strength. It seems to me my fear is wrapped up in pride. What do you think? I am grateful that I have a Father who calls me on my stuff! He sees me right where I am and loves me enough to not leave me here. He WANTS me to be like Him! He honors me with truth and a challenge to trust Him for more!

The horizon is always moving – not out of spite or meanness, but out of the abundance and greatness of Who He is! I stand in wonder and awe that there is no limit to knowing Him, that there is always more to discover, that for all eternity I will be growing and learning and forever on an adventure of love and new mercies every morning!

What a horizon! What lines that are ever defining me! Surely, the lines have fallen to me in beautiful places!  (Read Psalm 16.)

Yes, Lord, more…