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Algae grows in interesting patterns.

Busyness. Neglect. No time. The result? Algae on the walls of the fish tank. And yet, as I sit and watch Creepy (Bri’s name for the beta, and yes there is a story there, too) there is beauty even in the chaos of an algae infested tank – and that beauty has given me permission to not despair, but to enjoy what happens naturally.

Observation leads to a questions, to wondering…

Can we sit with imperfection and lack of control and trust for the right timing and the right provision for us in every detail of life?

Can we become of aware of what we are able to “see” even though parts may be obscured by the growth of algae on the tank wall?

As I watch Creepy swim and explore around the tank, he goes from crystal clear to fuzzy and back to crystal clear. Does that mean that he is less there when my vision of him is fuzzy? No. And I wonder what the world looks like from Creepy’s perspective. Can he see me through the algae? Does he recognize when I am about to feed him? Yep, he does!

As I go through life and the walls of my world begin to grow algae and I look out to see if God is there, and He seems fuzzy at that moment, does that mean that God is less there? No.

I have choices presented to me on a daily basis. We each do. Here are some of the choices with which I must be more intentional as I ponder the algae on the tank:

Will I focus on the fuzzy view and despair?
Will I overlook the algae and strain to see out beyond the fuzziness?
Will I sit in wonder and learn to enjoy the very beauty of the algae with its intricate patterns and shades of green?
Will I rest and trust and celebrate my humanity with all its messiness?
Will I choose to see the beauty of the messiness in all its glory?

Surely this is where God is – right now – right here – in the midst of the messiness of life. And the real question is whether or not I will choose to see Him and to know His presence IN every circumstance, in every detail of the messiness of  this life.

And the question is the same for you, too! Where do you place your focus when life is real and the messiness threatens to overwhelm you?