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And this after the cleaning and a day's healing.

My daughter works in a café at our local university. This particular café location is new – well actually a remodel of an old space that was not designed to house all the equipment needed to prepare food and beverages.

Bri is a hard worker and very meticulous. She is very thorough with her cleaning. Not long ago, while performing a deep cleaning of the equipment, her finger was cut quite deeply. No, not with a knife or other utensil, but with a piece of sheet metal that was left exposed and unfinished behind one of the larger pieces of equipment. I’m sure the workman thought he didn’t need to finish that area that was out of sight; no one would need to get to that area. But in a kitchen, particles and germs go anywhere and everywhere they can – to exposed surfaces and to hidden surfaces. Deep cleaning is essential to avoid the spread of disease. And my daughter is well aware of this fact and takes her job seriously. The cut bled for hours and caused her a lot of pain.

How often, when we are in the midst of our working and remodeling in our lives, do we take shortcuts thinking that no one will ever enter that out-of-the-way area of our lives? I wonder who will get cut and have to bleed because of our carelessness and lack of attending to the details? What will we leave undone without thought to future consequences? Where are our rough areas? Where are our edges left sharp and exposed, the places where others can be hurt when they venture in unawares?

I am well aware of these areas in my own life. The harsh words that spew out when I’m tired or hurting or otherwise preoccupied. The triggers, the blind spots, areas of deep pain that have been left to fester and create even greater harm. The deep hurts I’ve received from others in their moments of weakness, carelessness, or even ill intent.

And yet, we are promised that by His stripes we are healed. Jesus has taken upon Himself all that seeks to destroy His life in us. We are more than conquerors IN HIM! The question remains whether or not we will walk in His power and life, claiming each small victory for just what it is – a victory. He will see us through to the very end.