Above me - blue skies. Up ahead - storm clouds brewing!

Clouds. Shadows. Darkness. Rain. The storm is brewing.

And yet, there is light… the bright rays of sunshine that penetrate and insist on shining through the clouds, on revealing beauty and detail that can often be overlooked while we are IN the midst of our living “reality.”

This picture illustrates for me the importance of intercessory prayer. When God opens our eyes to see into another’s life, we can be standing in the gap on their behalf. We do this most effectively through seeing their dilemma and their circumstances from a different perspective. We can provide support and prayer for those who are in the midst of their turmoil because we are looking on from a different place in life, a place that allows us to hold them up with encouragement and hope, and at times words of exhortation and possibly even correction.

Often when we are in the midst of pain or tragedy, we cannot see or hear that there is another reality. We need someone to stand in the gap for us. We need someone who can intercede on our behalf and receive the wisdom of God and the timing of God to reveal to us a different perspective – the possibility of hope and light and fresh revelation of redemption and restoration. The rays of hope and the truth of what lies above our circumstances. We need the eternal view and viewpoint of God. And sometimes we need someone else to speak His perspective into our lives.

Have you ever experienced this from either point – the one needing to hear a different perspective or the one seeing the different perspective for someone else? If we claim the name of Jesus, we are each a member of His body. We need to care for and about each other. We need to support each other. We need to love each other and hold each other up before His throne of grace. That is what intercessory prayer is all about.

So, do you use your “sight” to tear down and make yourself feel better about yourself, or do you use it to intercede on one another’s behalf and to bring us closer to “Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” a living reality? It’s a new year, how about adopting a new perspective for a fuller and richer life here on earth.