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We watched in wonder as the kite trains danced above Zuanich Park in Bellingham.

While walking at Zuanich Park, my son, Matthew, and I met the father-son team who made these kite trains. They were thrilled to tell us their story – a story of decades of kite making and flying, passed down from father to son. These kites are all handmade individually and then connected together in precise distances from one another with specific weights of line. It was beautiful to watch these kite trains fly as they dip and weave with the air currents. The father’s kite was already in the air when we arrived, but we were able to watch as the son slowly release his kite to soar high in the air. Timing was everything. It took a couple of attempts for the kite to begin taking off.

In our lives, timing is also everything. But, thankfully, we are in the Master’s care, and His timing is never off. He knows the air currents, He knows what might be coming our way, He knows the updrafts and downdrafts. He knows us intimately and uses the utmost care to bring about every detail of His plan in our lives. He knows our weaknesses and our fault lines. He takes the utmost care to draw us to Himself when we need repairing and when we need rest from the stress of life and the winds that buffet our way.

I appreciate the picture here of how even the farthest kite is under the direction of the master. No matter how far out He puts me, I am still connected to Him. I also see here the picture Jesus gave us of the vine and the branches. No matter where we are in the vast growth of the vine, we are still connected to Him. He is our stability, our foundation, and our root that provides all that we need to flourish. We are constantly in His care as He nourishes and grows us.

So, whether you see yourself as a kite soaring high in the sky and drawing others’ attention and wonder to the skill and care of the master kite maker and flyer, or as any part of the vine and you are producing fruit for Him, the point is you are connected in. Each and every one of us has a unique design and purpose in His kingdom and His plan. Be yourself, be the very best you you were created to be.

Soar. Grow. Produce fruit. Draw attention and wonder at the amazing works of our glorious God and Savior. You are His passion. Is He yours?