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Food, food, and more food - all a part of the celebration

I love holidays. I love feasting with family and friends. I love celebration. Even if the preparation causes chaos and my kitchen looks like a wreck in the process, what joy it brings as we gather together and celebrate. And eventually some sort of order is restored.

This picture was from Thanksgiving. Today we celebrate my daughter Brianna’s 24th birthday. Last night we had a lasagna dinner in her honor. I spent most of the day with her helping her search for a “new” car – her first experience with a car dealership and all the games they play. She did well and we had fun hanging out together. The boys helped to get things prepared at home since I was not here. And then we celebrated Brianna with our chosen family. I am so thankful for the family God has brought into our lives! We love to celebrate together!

God loves celebration. He loves to prepare a feast before us and He even loves the preparations. He brings all the necessary ingredients and tools together; He sorts out the timing, the preparation, and the placement. He sends out the invitation to all who would join Him. He makes provision and He keeps us sustained on the journey. He draws us to Himself and delights over us – even in our messiness.

Isn’t it wonderful that God does not just wave a magic wand and make it all appear, but lovingly invites us to partake with Him? He invites us to join Him in the labor, to pick up the tools and the provision and to fully live this life with Him.