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If I lay my head on it... you can't have it!

We have two dogs. One is a 75 pound mix between a Standard Poodle and Rottweiler named Mandy. The other is a 10 pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Granger – the one here in the picture.

Not too long ago, Mandy came in from outside carrying a very large rawhide bone in her mouth. No one here knows where it came from, but it was almost as big as Granger. Of course, Granger fussed and fussed about Mandy having it, but eventually left her alone. Mandy proceeded to eat about three-fourths of it and finally gave up in exhaustion. When she got up later, she left the bone behind.

Seeing the prized treasure lying there unguarded, Granger claimed it and began his own chewing fest. He was so funny as he began hiding under the table, behind the couch, and from place to place, all in his attempt to keep that small fragment of the bone away from Mandy. This is where he wound up – in his “room” lying with his head on top of the bone to keep it under his protection.

Granger has grown up enough that the “room” is now only used when he absolutely refuses to obey and needs a timeout. He’s not overly fond of being in there. And yet, he willing chose to put himself in his room just to keep that treasured bone to himself.

Seems to me like there’s a lesson here. Aren’t there times when we hold so tightly to our “treasures” that we completely lose perspective? How often do we willingly isolate ourselves and hide just to keep that one thing to ourselves? How much of God’s goodness and grace do we miss out on when we obsess over holding on to that one thing?

Lord, remind us to handle all the gifts You bring into our lives with open hands that willingly and lovingly share You and Your beautiful expressions of love with the people You bring into our lives. Remind us that this is how we show our love for You. You alone are worthy to be praised and worshipped!