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Quite the icicle!

Isn’t it interesting to find unexpected consequences sometimes? This particular unexpected consequence came off the exhaust pipe from our natural gas furnace – about ten feet in the air. It wasn’t far from touching the ground when my sons “rescued” it.

How often are we unaware of the possible consequences of the choices we make? Sometimes those consequences can be quite fun and provide laughter and joy even when the weather outside is frightful. But, it could have resulted in much more dire consequences if one of our beloved pets had been in just the wrong spot when that icicle decided to let go and drop to the ground. It was very heavy with a very sharp tip.

While we can’t possibly know every consequence of every choice we make, we do know that when we walk in faith, we can absolutely trust God in His leading and His plan for our lives. We don’t have to fear the unexpected, because we know our times are in His Hands and that He is absolutely faithful at all times in all things!

Yes, that includes difficulties and trials and the hardships that come with living in a broken world with broken people. God is good – ALL the time!