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The wind chimes have come in for protection.

Wind chimes don’t exactly belong inside, they belong outside where the breeze will keep them singing and bringing melody to all who are within range of their song.

We, too, are meant to sing our unique melodies and harmonies to the world around us. We are meant to respond to the movement of the Holy Spirit and allow His song to bring others joy and a call and invitation to enter in to the wonder of His music.

But sometimes life buffets us and in the midst of the storm it is necessary for God to bring us inside for protection and perhaps, at times, for restoration as well. My wind chimes are in that very time right now. This chime is in perfect condition, but it is in for protection from the severe winds we often get this time of year. My bamboo chimes are a different story. They are in for restoration and for repairing broken strings and strikers.

For just like us, these wind chimes are made of different components. Some are able to withstand more trauma and some less. But however we are made, God knows and cares us for us with the same love and mercy and delight. We are His and He wants our song to ring out for Him. He knows when we need to come in and when it is time to set us out again.