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How much is enough?


More and more I am struck by the overload of advertisement and consumerism. It screams more, more, more; do not be satisfied with what you have; do not think of others’ need, but satiate your own desire and your every want.

Just look at this ad: seriously, who could possibly need that much wine? How often does one need a vacation that focuses only on themselves while ignoring the needs of the people around them? How many tv’s for one house, and how frequently do they need to be replaced for the latest and greatest technology?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t take issue with the technology itself, or the pleasure of a break from the stress of work; but I do wonder how often we stop and ask ourselves the question: How much is enough?

How do we determine the answer to that question? How many of us actually ask God for an answer to that question? Are we intentional in our decision-making process or our buying practices?

I think sometimes we get so into automatic pilot that we forget to consider anything other than what we want and how we must have what we want now. It might be the food we choose to buy, or the technology we want. How often are we choosing just to keep up appearances and impress the world around us?

I know that I want to choose differently. I am choosing to make more intentional decisions, to take the time to pray and to seek God’s heart even in the small stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing the difference this makes in my world, knowing that I might not actually know the difference till I see Jesus face to face. But that is enough for me.