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The weather report was “iffy”. The chance of snow had steadily moved further south, but there was no guarantee it wouldn’t hit Seattle. I really did not want to miss my classes, so I decided to chance the drive to the north end of downtown Seattle.

I “enlisted” my oldest son to ride down with me so I didn’t have to be on the road alone –you know,  just in case. It turned out that “iffy” got it very wrong, wasn’t even close as a matter of fact. We didn’t even make it halfway to Seattle before we decided the wisest choice would be to turn back and head home as soon as we arrived at the next exit. Barely a mile and forty-five minutes later and a whole slew of vehicles off the sides of the expressway, we arrived at the next exit and slowly made our way back home through ever worsening weather conditions. They got it wrong. (I think I missed my calling. Who else gets to be wrong much of the time and still keep their rather high paying jobs?)

How often do we misinterpret the conditions of our lives – past, present, and future? When once we recognize we got it wrong, are we willing to turn back and head for home? Do we remember there is One who is waiting eagerly for our safe return?

It was quite the adventure and took most of the day. Matthew and I had great conversation and I enjoyed treasured time alone with my oldest son. It doesn’t get to happen very often.

I was grateful that we did turn back. The storm was much worse than expected and there were people stranded on the roads throughout the greater Seattle area for 12 hours and longer. I appreciated having Matthew with me on the drive and not being alone on the treacherous roads. And mostly, I am so very thankful for  my relationship to my Heavenly Father, knowing how much He loves me and longs for me to be in His Presence. He loves to speak wisdom into my life and to have me respond in obedience – even when I need to learn through the experience of trial and error.

Do you know Him this way?