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The boys did a great job! Just look at that shine...I was sitting in my living room working on all my coursework – reading, homework, papers. In between my studies, I took the time to admire the floors my sons refinished for me this past fall. It was hard work, but the difference is amazing. Before we had splinters, rot, and dullness. Now we have beauty and enjoyment.

Our lives are often that way, too. We neglect ourselves for years, allowing the sorrows and the pain and the regular use of life to beat us up and leave us dull and sometimes rotting.

But when we allow the Lord to come in and work on the rough spots and sand away the old layers of yuck and grime, we begin to see hope and promise. And as He does the refinishing, we, too, begin to shine and reflect His glory. We won’t leave splinters in other’s lives. We will bring pleasure and comfort instead.



The floors before they began the work. Old and grimy, with a rotting holes.


It is not easy to go through His process of refinishing. We like our comfort and what we are used to. But He starts with cleaning out and cleaning up. We often don’t want to release those things that cause us harm and mar our lives, and yet we must. It is hard to let go of the idols that have stolen our time and our worship, that have diverted our attention away from the holiness and perfection of God. We want to be spoiled and have everything our own way  and in our timing.

And yet, where has that way gotten us so far? How many of us have lost our shine and our glow of health and well-being? How many loved ones must suffer the effects of painful splinters before we recognize our condition?

Isn’t it time to allow God to do His work of refinishing?