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Overlooking the Fraser Valley from Westminster Abbey.

What an interesting topic for the day! Having just finished a course entitled Faith, Hope, and Love, there are many angles from  which I could approach this topic. I think I’ll just get started and we’ll see where we end up. =)

I love themes. I especially love it when the Spirit is moving and His sacred echoes begin sounding all around me. I love God’s persistence and commitment to making sure His children hear His voice – He doesn’t leave it up to us; He initiates and perseveres and always completes what He begins.

God alone gives me hope. But that word “alone” can be misleading. On the surface it sounds limiting and narrow, doesn’t it? But with God, alone is anything but limiting! Where He speaks, life is created in unlimited uniqueness. Where He leads, the path is illuminated with His penetrating, revelatory light. Where He touches, hearts are loosened, tilled, and made ready for a harvest full of fruit. Where He listens, the depths of the human spirit are opened up and what was unknown becomes known and filled with understanding. Where He works, miracles abound and lives are changed for the purposes of eternity. Where He loves, the most searing needs are attended to abundantly so that love overflows and redeems a world filled with hurt and pain and brokenness. God alone.

Now I hope that you are not reading that phrase as God. alone. as if God is alone, works alone, or desires to be alone. But rather as: only God can. Because God is never alone. He is the very essence of community. He created us in His image – to be in community with Him and with one another. But as much as He has designed us to be in community, He did not design us to find our hope in each other, but only in Him. We are never meant to substitute the created for the Creator.

The intent is for us to live in harmony with one another, encouraging each other to righteousness and good works, and to stand in the gap for one another when we see our brothers and sisters falling, stumbling, or doubting. But that does not include drawing attention away from the only One with the solution. We are to point each other to the Lord Himself, and to remember to keep our eyes and our focus on Him alone. There’s that alone again.

Do you ever wonder what the big deal is? Why is God so jealous over us? Do you suppose He just might know something we don’t know? Perhaps that will be a topic in an upcoming post…