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Today’s post will be shorter than most. Not a very good night last night. I’ll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say that some post-surgery pain is harder to deal with than others, and early mornings have been particularly difficult. I was advised to take the Percocet that was prescribed (I really don’t like the idea of those kinds of pain-killers) and see if that helped. So when I woke up at 4am, time for pain meds, I took a Percocet as instructed. Turns out, Percocet and I will never be friends. It’s now just after 10, and I am just beginning to get over the nausea and head-spinning. YUCK!

So, on to the topic of the day. I’ve been thinking about how to answer this one. And I think I have to boil it down to hearing the intricacies of God’s voice and being able to obey even when I don’t understand. This has been demonstrated to me and in me in very different circumstances this past year, with great difficulty and uncertainty.

I am beginning to recognize and understand the role of His story in my life story. I have to come face to face with the parts of my story that I have always tried to avoid dealing with in the past. I have to examine what my insistent optimism wants to cover over. 2010 was not my favorite year of life.

I began my own personal counseling journey. I have had to embody tough love. I began attending a new church. And I entered grad school. Big changes, based on difficult wrestling before the Lord.

And yet I see His Hand, His faithfulness in my life, and know the promise of His Presence in each and every moment – even when the darkness threatens to engulf me.

So my answer is: obedience … in the struggle: in the face of doubt, in the face of uncertainty, in the face of brokenness, in the face of heartbreak, in the face of overwhelming odds against me. I have chosen to obey and to wait for God to move on my behalf and fulfill His vision and purpose in my life.



I laughed and laughed when I took this picture in Sarasota.

We were also given a bonus topic today. One that I am going to ask you for a response, or at least those of you who know me. Here you go: Describe what my laugh sounds like.


It has been said many, many times, I would never be able to get away with anything in secret – because my laugh always gives me away. And I don’t go long without laughing, especially when I’m with the people I love.

So, how would you describe my laugh?