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So, I have officially begun a new blog – that is right now intended for reviewing books and other writings.

You can check out my first book review – Mark Batterson’s new book, Soulprint.

Putting Words Together Perfectly

Reading Soulprint was adding another note in Papi’s Sacred Echoes of late. As I have shared before, I love when the Spirit speaks the same themes over and over in every possible sphere of the Body of Christ! The current echo is filled with STORY! Reading the story of our lives. Understanding how God uses our stories to move us forward into His purposes. And how we wants us to claim every region of our stories so that we can fully walk in our inheritance – the promised land – not the physical one per se, but the spiritual one claimed and provided for us through the perfect sacrifice of the Son of God.

So, put these sacred echoes and today’s inspiration from WordPress together – and voila – I’m going to put myself out there and post a creative writing piece from my days at Fairhaven. As the assignment called for, it was inspired by a group of pictures on display at our local museum. So, here you go…


Once upon a time, on a mountain I knew...


... there once stood a lodge that the famous came to ...

but search as I may - it seemed the young would not do.

Mt. Baker Lodge

Traveling, wondering,
wandering among anticipations.
Photos burned in memory,
status equally so.
Arriving, eyes can’t close,
heart pounding.

Manners. Rules.
Carry the bags, nod and smile,
walk stately through the lobby
right up the stairs. A polite smile,
a slight bow of the head;
they don’t know that I see the unchecked frown –
the backwards glance.

One hour of freedom.
Out the front door,
down the stairs, around the corner.
The run to the hillside
feet barely skirting the ground, bounding.
Stooping, I touch the heather.