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The view from my front door. Haven't seen too much of the sun lately. Thankful when it does appear.

I had an appointment with Sassy-girl tonight, a very welcome relief. As much help as I have received from massage therapy, I sometimes think the best therapy I receive from her is the gift of laughter with her.

She has endured much whining over the state of my body over the past years and I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever get to the point where I can just walk in and tell her honestly that I feel wonderful, no pain, and no complaints of how I just don’t understand what I did this time to set that area off. Tonight we laughed and laughed as I described my latest outing with my daughter.

At my last visit with Sassy-girl she told me I needed to do something with my feet. Apparently I had just disconnected any acknowledgment of the lower half of my body from the rest of me as a means to deal with the pain and extreme spasms I was experiencing post-surgery. Imagine that! Me – disconnecting from myself due to pain. (In case you don’t know me – that last statement is oozing with sarcasm!) I think I am the rightful queen of optimism to compensate for my hopeless denial of reality – particularly if it has to do with pain. But really, I think I outdid myself with this one.

Anyway, I asked my daughter to come with me for a pedicure. It’s not a treat I allow myself too often, but Sassy-girl did prescribe it after all. And I do love me a spa pedicure. All that pampering and foot and leg rubbing, and soft, smooth feet when it’s all said and done with. Oh, how I was looking forward to it. Bri was to meet me in Bellingham after I took JonMarc for his driving test for his license. (Oh yeah, did I mention that child #5 is now a legal driver, free to be on the streets behind the wheel by himself? Yep, welcome to my world!)

JonMarc passed. Bri came down and picked me up and said, Mom, why don’t we go for reflexology at the Foot Spa? Reflexology. Isn’t that like a form of acupressure on the feet to help relax specific parts of your body? And this one included head and neck massage as well. Shows what I know! I actually agreed to undergo this ancient form of what I was about to learn was nothing short of torture. I did mention that I had major surgery less than three weeks ago, right? Relaxing was the supposed to be the word – and the follow through.

It. was. not. relaxing. If only I had known what was coming, I would have mentioned that I had just had surgery. But by the time I realized what I was in for, I didn’t have enough breath to yell Uncle! I did survive. It did help my shoulder, which was nearly frozen up from all my recent rest and not “over exerting” myself.


And, it was definitely good for a laugh with Sassy-girl.


And, by the way, my lower half was not quite as disconnected tonight as it was last week. I am working on it. Truly I don’t want to be guilty of running away when I need to be pressing in. I want to be connected and whole and facing the reality of who I am, where I am, and what is yet to come. And there is yet a lifetime of old habits to face, reclaim, and renew under His redemptive power! Come, Lord Jesus!