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A milestone. The 21st birthday calls for something special.

My oldest son recently turned 21. A momentous birthday in the life of any individual and in the life of his/her mom. Half of my children are now considered to be adults in the eyes of our legal system. Really, I cannot possibly be that old. Where has the time gone? It seems like only just a few days ago that they were all small and tearing through the house and all over our property in search of adventure and excitement! Okay, so some things haven’t changed – just how much room they now take up as they are tearing around, wrestling one another, and being the wonderful kids they are.


How do we mark special turning points in our lives? Non-Western cultures are generally much better at this than we are in the West. For my son, Matthew, his sister Brianna, organized the family and we all went in together to buy him a special solar-powered watch. We wanted him to know we celebrate his life and to remember the importance of how his time is spent.

We all need this reminder of the value of time from day-to-day. The Scriptures tell us the time is near, the time is short, the time is now to respond to Him. There are many references to time in many different perspectives. God reminds us frequently that, in fact, our time belongs to Him, as well as all the other details of our lives. Will we honor Him with our time? Will we surrender our rights to determine just how we will spend our time? Will we use our time for the sake of others? Time is ticking and eternity draws near.