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Oh, the beauty of the sunrises here! But that is nothing compared to beauty of the One who created them!


This sunrise caught me by surprise. I’ve seen all sorts of beautiful sunrises over the Cascades from my front door, but this one had “resurrection” written all over it. The foreground down here in the valley was still pretty dark, the foothills were dusted in snow, but the mountain itself was blanketed in white. The sun was actually rising further south, but this spectral of radiance was glowing beautifully all around Mt. Baker in anticipation of the dawning day. It made me stop and think and wonder if I was allowing the light of the risen Lord to reflect His love and offer of life off of me and to those who live around me. Can others see His light in my life and do I allow Him to pour out hope into their lives as He moves me from darkness to light, and from death to life? Am I allowing His multitude of blessings to shine His grace through me?

We are given the choice of where we focus our attention. Our perspectives and expectations greatly influence what we see and how we read the world around us. If we are looking for signs of His resurrection movement, we will see them. If we are focused on death and decay, that is what we are most likely to see, even in the presence of God Himself.