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I was wondering what to share with you today. There is so much going on in me, so much I want to be able to pass on – osmosis would be really handy here – and much is still ruminating, not quite fully formed. Patience. I’m really not so very good with that quality. But thankfully God is working on it.

This morning’s devotion by Renee Swope over at Proverbs 31 Ministries inspired me to share a personal story of how God can bring just the right person at just the right time in our lives to move His purposes forward and to help us fulfill our God-given charge – to encourage one another to allow His glory to be uniquely and fully reflected in the lives of His beloved ones.

If you would like to check out my morning inspiration, you can click here: http://devotions.proverbs31.org/ _ February 8, 2011; Just the Right Words.


This was taken during one of our many "adventures" together. So many laughs amidst our seriousness!

My story is about my chosen sister, Lila. What a godsend she has been in my life! While I am blessed beyond measure with treasured, loved, and appreciated sisters and brothers, this story is about Lila.


My chosen sister and I set apart time each week to share and debrief and laugh and cry together over mugs of our favorite beverages. While we definitely have favorites, we also like to mix it up and try new things – from what is in our mugs to what we share from our hearts and how we encourage and help refine one another.

I am so very grateful that God has put this sister in my life. We’ve only known each other about six years, but it truly feels like we have been sisters since birth. In fact, it can be a little scary at times, just how closely God has knit us. But we truly do know that He has brought us to this point through the work of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of iron sharpening iron.

Both our stories and our friendship are God’s faithful demonstration of bringing just what and whom we need at the perfect time.

Many have been the times that as God was working in each of our lives to bring us to some fresh new way of looking at one of His truths that He has literally given Lila the visual and me the words – at the same time, with each of us in different places – not physically in each other’s presence. And as soon as we get together to talk, I will share what He has told me and Lila will share the visual it needed, or Lila will share the visual she just couldn’t come up with words for the meaning, and I will have the words to express it.

Over and over again this has happened. Right now, it is often themed around prayer and intercession, and living our faith out in difficult circumstances. The Spirit is revealing fresh, new ways of looking at life and following God.

Always, He meets us right where we are and brings us just what we need.

Sometimes in the form of a sister.