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Looking out from Artist Point in the summertime. There is a way...

So, when your body is hyper-vigilant, how do you deal with muscles that are tight or in spasm? That is my dilemma. Many have been the times that deep massage has provided great relief from the stress and the pain. And yet now, since the surgery, my body has simply rebelled and refused to respond to massage. So, the spasms and knots and the locked up muscles have gone on virtually unchecked and unwilling to be relieved.

One of messages that has come through loud and clear from many of those sacred echoes I love to hear from the heart of God has to do with rest and the renewing that comes from God alone. We are instructed to enter His rest. Entering requires a response on my part. I can see the entrance. I can describe the entrance. I can even touch the entrance and tell others about it. But if I do not choose to obey and walk through the entrance – I will not know His rest or the fulness of His promises that come by entering His rest. And, oh, His Word is filled with promises for those who will put their faith in what He says and receive them.

So, back to this rebellious, hyper-vigilant body of mine. I am just beginning to discover what it means to listen to my body and listen to my own needs and learn what nurture for me might look like. Just beginning. (In case you haven’t figure it out, I am just figuring out that it is not just my body that is hyper-vigilant – this condition also exists in my soul and in my spirit. Working on it!)

So, as I have noticed my body fighting against my recent massages, I started wondering. What if … we used a different approach, a gentler approach. So I mentioned my crazy idea to Sassy-girl when I went in for my appointment yesterday. And believe it or not, she thought it was a great idea and made a couple of suggestions, asked more specific questions as to what was going on with my body – and the result is that I believe it will actually work. My body is calming down and not responding with resistance and rebellion. Woohoo!

And I am reminded that the Bible tells us that it is the kindness of the Lord that leads us to repentance – to a changed mind, a changed heart, and a changed life. Yes, I do want my body to repent and to relax and to work in harmony and effectiveness. I want to see change. I wonder if that means that I need more kindness, not only for my body, but also for my soul – my emotions and my thoughts and expectations – and my spirit. Somehow, I do believe all of who I am is connected.

And so, I will choose to receive His kindness and be drawn to repentance and obedience – because I love Him! After all that Jesus has done for me and in me and through me, I truly do love Him. And I long to love Him deeper and better. Day by day – kindness by kindness!