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The past two days have been very full days. Being back in class and doing the commute to Seattle and back take a great deal of energy. I am blessed to have a precious friend in Seattle who opens her door to me and welcomes me with love and care, providing a way for me to stay overnight and break the commute up. I cannot imagine driving back to Lynden after class just yet. (For those who perhaps are not aware – I am pursuing my Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and I just had major surgery just about a month ago.)

The one weekly class I am taking this term is titled Marriage and Family. I have so much to ponder and consider and to find a place for deep in my heart and spirit. I am so very grateful, and so very disrupted. I love being challenged to think and rethink, to discuss and wonder together, and then to bring it all to my Heavenly Father and lay it out and let it go and ask Him for the revelation that can only come through His Holy Spirit.

Last term’s course, Faith, Hope, and Love, laid the foundation for where we are headed in Marriage and Family. We are being asked to consider and wrestle with what we truly believe and how well what we say we believe lines up with God’s revelation of Himself. If there is one thing I truly never want to become, it is complacent – stale, dry, dull, lazy. I am so thankful for the ways I am being challenged, for the truths that are being revealed, and the questions that are being asked.

As I am able to process, I hope to share more specifics with you. But for now, I will leave you with these questions:
How much time have you given yourself to ask God to reveal His truth to you about the very basics of your faith?
How willing are you to “come and reason together” with Him?
How much study of His Word do you do alone with Him – not just through what others have to say?
When you read the Word of God, do you pause and take the time to ask Him to reveal Himself to you?
And then, do you take the time to actually listen with anticipation and expectation to hear Him?
Are you filled with awe and gratitude for the amazing love and grace poured out by God into your life?
Is Jesus more real to you than your very breath?

I hope you are willing to ponder. Slowing down is a truly wondrous thing – a beautiful gift that we all desperately need! Look for Him to show up!


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