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The A.R.T. of Excellence. Looking at God's design.


Knowing that I am standing at the brink of the vastness of God’s grace and goodness. Watching the doors begin to open so that His glory can fully shine through His provision, mostly His very Presence.


Feeling His confirmation at the very core of my being. Confident that what He has started, He will bring to fruition – because of His greatness of His character and love.


Taking steps of obedience and believing Him for the outcome. His timing. His perfect will. His amazing purposes.

Yes, Lord Jesus, show Yourself through Your beloved body as we come together in unity and peace and may we honor You by encouraging one another to love and good deeds.

Is His Spirit moving and working in your life? Do you sense the movement of the Lord and are you excited to be a part of His might work here and now? If so, would you let me know what He’s doing where you are?