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Winter Sunrise, November 2006. I love the morning beauty here!

Thursdays pretty much cover the whole gamut in my life right now. Ladies Bible study at church in the morning. We have an awesome group of women I am growing to love dearly – and I get to grow with them through the Word and the sharing of our lives in community. Then I have a couple of hours to catch up with Lila and process what we’re hearing and learning – and sometimes to duel at one of our favorite games, Peggle. Then a drive down south to Fairhaven and my counseling appointment. I can definitely say that it has certainly an interesting process for me. I am learning much about myself and about applying what I am learning in class and through my course readings as I search for the chinks and missing links in my own story. Then I head back north again to Ferndale and my appointment with Sassy-girl. Definitely another highlight for me as we explore how all that I am going through in the craziness of life is effecting my body. That has certainly been a journey of discovery for me. I had no idea just how poorly I have been handling the stresses and challenges of life until I started massage therapy with Sassy-girl.

We are so interconnected, we human beings. Body, soul, and spirit. It is unwise to think something can happen to one part of our being, but not affect the other parts. I am learning to be much more intentional and aware of just how interconnected I am. I am learning to care for myself in a whole new way. And, I am learning to allow others to care for me, to realize I don’t always have to be care-giver.

It’s a process this. But one with great rewards. Hopefully great rewards that will benefit many others as I learn to identify and share these amazing life lessons with those around me – near and far.

And so I say goodnight. It has been a long day. My body is still suffering from the effects of the surgery. And I need to care for me now, so that I can be rejuvenated and care for others later.

Night all…