…a million dollars, tax free?

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It’s Friday. I’m weary. So I hope you will bear with me as I go with a bit lighter fare for today. ; )

I would first choose to be debt free. No more mortgage. All the credit paid off, including school loans.

I would then find a reliable used car that didn’t need thousands of dollars worth of work on it.

I would help my kids with their needs.

Then I would play. This is how I define play:

Where could I use my money that would bring true joy and aid to others in need?

What could I do to help others get on their feet and find true success?

Where could I invest so that the returns could keep on giving and helping and encouraging others?

And if there was something left over – then, I would want to do some traveling, just for the fun of it.

And, perhaps, for a few weeks, I would just “disappear” somewhere where I had no responsibilities, no demands, no desperate cares that needed to be addressed immediately – and I would just be. Be alone in the presence of the Lord and the beauty of His creation. Be quiet. Be content with as little as possible. Be.


The blooming of the dogwoods still beckons me home in the Spring. I do miss their beauty and the memories they bring my heart.