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The things that go into the making of a man.


Tomorrow is David’s 19th Birthday – well more accurately the 19th anniversary of his actual birth-day. This picture captures representatives of his life. Military. Shoeshine kit. Empty plate. Remote controls – multiple. Scissors. Water bottle. And finally, the boy turned young man himself, being smothered with love by one face-suffocating puppy completely beside himself to be given the sole attention of “his boy”.

Aren’t we all defined by such paradoxical roles in life? The real question comes down to whether or not we learn to love the paradoxes and BE in the moments as each role is exercised in our lives. For example, David takes his participation in the Civil Air Patrol very seriously. His boots are meticulously shined each week before he heads down to the CAP meeting. He loves his food and nourishes his body as well as his soul. He also knows how to play, and it is not uncommon for this couch and living room to be filled with his friends as they play video games or watch movies together. And, yet, he is definitely not so filled with himself and false pride to ignore the loving attentions of our family dogs. He is becoming a man, and yet not forgetting what it is like to be a boy.

Don’t we need this in our spiritual lives? To be completely childlike in our wonder and joy in life and to also be mature and responsible in our faith as we follow and obey the One who calls us by name.