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Topic of the day: What is the smallest thing near you? Use your imagination – are elements the smallest thing? atoms? quarks?  How do you feel about the fact we keep finding smaller and smaller things inside of things that are already quite small?

It’s late, been a long day in a long week with another one coming up. So, tonight, I’m going with the topic of the day – sort of.

When I was working on my BA a few years ago, I was introduced to such things as quantum physics and the molecules of emotions and what goes on in the world of sub-atomics. And I have to tell you I get really excited about the discussions that come out when these topics are raised. It really gets my imagination stirring.

Those of you who know me well, and know my penchant for all things Oswald Chambers, should know that when it comes to imagination, I’m all in! All in because it is through our God-given imaginations that we are able to even begin to understand all things pertaining to God and creation and eternity and even our salvation.

Great oaks grow from tiny acorns. How is that all that is required to grow such a mighty tree can be contained in that little nut? And how is that an entire field of wheat can come from a single grain? And to top if off, do you know how you began life, from the tiny beginnings that have gone into making you the person you are today?

Most importantly, do you have any idea what wonders might be wrought through you, even if all you have is enough faith to fill a mustard seed?

We just don’t know, but we can find out if we are willing to begin a journey of imagination. What amazing things have come from those who begin a journey with just a thought, a hope, an idea, a single revelation – a little spark flamed into being by the whisper of the Holy Spirit.

Oh, the glory of it all! Won’t you stop for just a moment and listen and observe and allow the Holy One to fan your imagination and grow your dream into reality? It may not be world-changing, but it might just be life-changing for you or someone you love.

Go on, give it a try!

Don't you hear an invitation as you gaze on the beauty of His creativity?