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From such a far distance, reality can seem like a mirage. Don't give up, it is there and it is real!

I have been asked by my pastor to map out in writing my vision for the A.R.T. of Excellence – to present to the elders to pray over and find out how they can come alongside and partner with all that God is revealing and doing.

This task is one that has been very difficult for me – my vision has seemed too vague, too difficult to nail down to actually put it in writing. But somehow, it seems the timing is right and my mind is racing with ideas that are now coming together, fitting together, and  beginning to reveal an image that is coming into focus and discernible. Right now I am feeling terrified excitement! Could this really be happening? After all these decades of pieces being revealed here and there with large chunks of silence and no movement, could His timing be now for the vision that was begun almost 33 years ago?

It seems it is possible. I need the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the push to move forward, and so I return to the “dream” He gave me back in January.

I went to sleep tonight praying and asking Papi about Jesus’ life, specifically about His prayer and praise life. I can’t imagine Jesus without joy and peace and confidence that His Abba heard and answered His requests.So, what would it have looked like to present when Jesus was talking with His Abba? I had a very interesting dream – one from which I did not want to wake up, in spite of the urgent demand of my poor, surgery-weary bladder.

In my dream, Jesus (and me following right behind Him, step for step) was singing and rejoicing His way through this maze of complicated intersections with every scenario possible, both indoors and outdoors. There was danger and intrigue and I was feeling fear and uncertainty, but Jesus, He just kept on moving and journeying through while singing His communication with His Abba, always confident in His direction and never fearful. He would commune with Abba singing and rejoicing, then speak out and into being just what Abba told Him was supposed to be at that time in that place. It was intense. It was an ever-flowing moving conversation – as if beginning with a spring, turning into a brook, a creek, a small river, gaining from the tributaries and becoming a fast-moving immense river – flowing, cascading, building, and providing for the needs of all around.

We came through this one particularly difficult series and stopped to speak with friends who were sitting on a couch and pretty much immobilized by their fear and doubt. I tried to share with them what it was like following Jesus around as I had been, and how He never doubted and therefore we were able to conquer everything, every fiery trial the enemy threw at us. As I shared with them, they grew in their faith and the doubt began to come off them and they, too, wanted to journey with us. And we began to move on together.

I did not want to wake up, but the call of my bladder won. But the intensity of the dream did not go away and I decided I should record it while I remember it. The truth is, I rarely remember anything about my dreams. But this one, was more like an answer to prayer, an impression laid on me by the Spirit as I slept to encourage me and to share with you.

The colors were glorious. And the scenery everywhere I looked was so intense and filled with the very nature of eternal life. And I was filled with joy and the excitement of adventure, like a little kid anticipating a much longed for trip to a place of magic and wonder and awe. That longed for trip is supposed to be our life, our journey WITH this amazing God we love and serve.

Oh, to journey with the intense love and faith I saw and watched in action in Jesus! One reason for recording this now – I don’t want to forget this dream and how it impacted my heart and my spirit. I want to journey with the confidence and praise that Jesus displayed so that I, too, may journey in victory and bring such glory to my Papi and to my beloved Jesus. Holy Spirit, be Jesus in me!

So now it is morning. And here’s an update. The dream continued through most of the night. Amazing! The battles were glorious. The intimacy with my God was more than I could ever put words to. I know the feeling of the dream will subside, but oh how I want the meaning and the motivation to go on and on forever – literally.

What a night!

Inspired. Almost overwhelmed with the presence of God and what He desires to bring to fruition. Praying for you and eyes to see your own particular vision of Jesus. Blessings and mercy and grace to you!