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Short, quick, and to the point.

I have taken in so much through this advocacy training. So very much to process. 32 hours worth.

How will I do it? Over time. In prayer. In community with my brothers and sisters. Through dialogue. And through continued to study, searching His Word, and listening.

Lots and lots of listening.

Through waiting expectantly…

and actively.

I look forward to hearing from others.

Violence is not the solution. Have you ever asked yourself where and how you do violence to others, to yourself, or to faith? I don’t like my own answer to that one at times. The honest truth is that yes, I do. Now that I am aware of it, I need to deal with it and find different solutions. Different words. Different tones. Different thought patterns.

Being transformed into the likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ, filled with His love and mercy and grace. I am so thankful that it is not all up to me and my own strength alone.

Goodnight all. Grace and peace to you!