I have an email list that I started a few years ago when the Wednesday night group Healthy Hearts Healthy Homes began. Here and there others have asked to be added and some of the originals have asked to be dropped. It is definitely a community of folks who don’t always cross paths on a regular basis.

When I first started it, its primary purpose was to pass along information to the H4 folks. At some point I also started including short devotional ideas and sometimes forwarding on especially relevant online devotions to which I subscribe. It has never ceased to amaze how often these completely unrelated resources would coincide exactly with specific topics and/or passages we were learning about. You know, the sacred echoes.

I am no longer involved with the Wednesday study, but the emails are still going out, and still hopefully filled with more sacred  echoes for those reading them.

Today I received an email from one of the original folks in the group whose life demands pulled in a different direction. Though I haven’t seen him in a year or longer, he wrote to thank me for continuing to send out the devotions and to let me know what a blessing they have been.

Well I have to tell you, no matter how much those devotions have blessed my friend, his simple expression of gratitude blessed my socks off! I love it when the Lord allows me to see any kind of positive return on the use of the things with which He has gifted me. I especially love being able to hear when the Holy Spirit speaks through a simple offering of words – whether written or spoken through me.

And while the past 48 hours have been a challenge on multiple levels, I go to bed tonight with a song in my heart and a reminder that yes, indeed, my Father is right here with me and He has demonstrated in a very personal and clear way that He loves me and takes pleasure in expressing Himself through me.

And to top off the pleasure of the email, my sweet daughter took the time to thank me and let me know how much she appreciates one small detail of my mothering that means a lot to her.

How blessed am I!!! Thank You, Lord, for encouragement right in the midst of great trials and room for doubt. You are the faithful One!