Much has been happening in my life. So many changes, and so much to deal with, but also new and exciting opportunities abound – some to increase my sense of humor and some to increase my sense of awe and wonder.

Everywhere I turn, I have been required to reflect, to look back on the story of my life and seek to understand the events in light of the Presence and Redemption of God.

I keep coming back to this question: Why do I do the things I do or think the things I think? The greater challenge has been to keep it real and to do the hard work that is required when facing issues that are difficult, painful, and sometimes still raw or old and festered.

I am thankful that God is committed and faithful to keeping me in the palm of His hand and to perfectly remaking me in the image of His Son. I don’t have to depend on my own effort. I don’t have to “get it right” or keep it all together either. I have the amazing privilege to receive the fathomless grace offered to me and to walk in faith, certain that God is the One who will accomplish His own purposes in me. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for coming and living Your life in me!

So, how about you? Why do you do the things you do or think the things you think?