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Yesterday Bri and I took another drive down to Seattle to check out a job possibility. It was a very beautiful Northwest spring day and we were able to do a little wandering around Pike Place Market and to return to the Vital Tea Leaf and take our time tasting the teas. We had a great day together.

However, the icing on the cake (or on the mountains as the case may be) was the drive home. The sun and the Cascades put on quite the show. These shots were taken just about Everett on our drive home – please keep in mind they are looking east, while driving north, doing 65.


In the distance...











...getting closer...

...through the trees at the side of the road...











...ahhhh yes, there they are!


And, yes, that is snow still on the mountains, brightly reflecting the lowering sun!

God’s constant display of the beauty of His creativity captivates me – fresh every moment!