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There are not words to describe the wonder I feel while being in my Psalm 103 meditations. I am loving this crock pot approach – a long, slow simmer, adding just one ingredient at a time and savoring the flavor each one brings forward. In this season, for me, this is the essence of being present with the God Who loves me, Who provides for me, Who longs to linger in intimate relationship with me, Who patiently waits to open the doors of revelation until He knows I am ready to enter in and joyfully receive His grace, Who lavishes all I need to walk in faith before Him and welcome His work in and through me. He is present in His Word and in His world.


My place with Him!


As I bask before Him this morning, reveling in all that He is doing in my life right now, I look out my window to a pictorial representation of where I am and how I feel in this place, this time of my life.

That’s my cup of tea in the left hand corner. The scene is framed in the boundaries of my window. The power lines are either dominant focus or barely visible, depending on my perspective and focus. There is a full spectrum from beautiful morning blue to dark storm clouds, just waiting for their chance to drop a new layer of snow in the mountains. Even the mountain itself, that ever-watching sentinel over my world, is partially visible through the clouds this morning.

Bless the LORD, O my soul,
and all that is within me,
bless his holy name!
Bless the LORD, O my soul,
and forget not all his benefits …

His light is revealing His truth and His purposes, even as the light of the sun is now revealing the details of this amazing scene. Moment by moment the rays of revelation are uncovering a new tidbit, a morsel of His goodness and His gift of life. Today, it is the majesty of the mountain peaks, the glistening whiteness of the snow, the tops of the evergreens, and the dark silhouettes of the foothills, with the ever-blueing sky scattered with forms of the running hare, the floating starfish, the sleeping puppy. A dazzling display of my God’s creativity – poured out on me!


The light arises!

So, forget not any of His benefits!