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It will be a long day – but what a way to start it off…


Yerba Matte Tea, steeped in rice milk, a shot of coconut, in a mug for here... my current favorite drink at the Woods!












And the view while sitting upstairs at the Boulevard Woods. Stunning!











Brianna is going to Seattle with me again today. What a blessing – for so many reasons. Not the least of which is traveling in the HOV lane in crazy Seattle traffic, having a companion during the long drive, being able to talk and laugh with someone other than myself, and just because it’s Bri!

But she had to go and do prep at work for a couple of hours this morning. So, here I sit at the Boulevard Woods, enjoying a very different view of the morning. How fortunate for me – I love the water as much as I love the mountains! Just watched a sailboat amble by on its way in… I wonder where? The harbor perhaps, shopping in Bellingham, anchoring out in the Bay, going to meet friends… I will never know, and they possibly will never know that there was a woman, a daughter of the Most High God, watching  and praying for a remarkable touch of God over their lives this day.

I love the privilege of being of able to bless others by the very Presence of God in their midst – the Holy Spirit in me. As I hear the music of conversations around me – my conversation with my Father is for them, just as He is for them. I may not have the opportunity to speak directly with them, but what an honor it is to be able to bring them before the throne of grace knowing that the Holy Spirit can do His work in their lives without my audible words! Amazing grace!

Living in love. Walking in faith. Anticipating with trust.

God is never silent in any life, His love is so much bigger than we can fathom. How often do we “limit” His power by our lack of imagination and faith?

Open the eyes of my heart to see YOU, Lord, and work Your miracles all around me, just as You have in me!