A needed quiet, contemplative morning. Snow level has fallen again, and clouds filter the morning light. It fits.

I have just finished my course on spiritual direction. My loose definition is this: mentoring can be general or focused on a specific aspect of life, such as work, parenting, tasks, skills, etc. Spiritual direction is similar, but with a specific focus on spiritual growth. Our topics and conversations in class gave me much to ponder and think about and wrestle through.

Mostly, I am wondering. And I’m hoping many of you will respond to the poll below and maybe even leave a comment for me (and let me know if you don’t want the comment public!).

Thanks! I’m nearing the end of my second term – so I apologize now for the days I haven’t and won’t appear here. Major papers to write. Minor papers to write. Lots of thinking and sorting and categorizing to do. Add to that mix a whole lot of “stuff” being brought to the surface that I need to deal with – and what I get is the need to do some major processing. It will make its way here eventually, but it may take a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months. I appreciate your patience and hope it will be truly worth it all in the end.

May you enjoy a truly blessed, peace-filled week ahead – and, please, keep those comments coming!!!