Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. Ecclesiastes 9:10a

…in my garden. This was my first thought in response to the verse in Ecclesiastes.

My son David started a project that brought all the family together to complete – a project I have wanted to do for seven years. I love it!!!

Transplanting happens a lot around here. You might could even say it is a primary theme in my life. For me, it demonstrates how we are transplanted into God’s family and brought to live in intimate relationship with Him. And this transplanting and the new plantings bring delight and joy and anticipation for the season ahead!

Thank you to my wonderful family for making it a reality!

Step one

Cascading like a waterfall.

What's left...

...after the transplanting.


New plants and flowers!

More to come...

Just in time for the rain to come again. So grateful for two days of sun to work outside!