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Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. Ecclesiastes 9:10a

When this verse found its way to my attention yesterday morning, I decided I wanted some context, especially since it is in Ecclesiastes. I so appreciate that the Bible includes so many examples of what happens in a person’s life when he or she chooses a path that is contrary to God’s best. AND YET – we see the love of God poured out in the midst of the painful, often heartbreaking consequences in that one’s life. God remains faithful to Himself – to His nature and His character and His promises!

The witness of God’s faithfulness in the face of humanity’s failure is especially true in the life and line of King David. For me, David and Solomon epitomize the wonder of God’s grace and mercy and faithfulness to His promises. They both had so much, were so abundantly blessed in all things, and yet they failed utterly in their own faithfulness to the God who made it all possible.

Think about it. David. A shepherd boy, called out by Samuel and anointed king over all Israel. Humble beginnings. As he grew and followed God’s plan toward his anointing, he lived out the faithfulness of God’s provision and leading. He endured, he suffered, he obeyed, he honored… David was a blessed man. And then he became king. He had it all and no longer did he need to rely so fully on his God to supply his needs. And so lust set in. He saw what was not his, and in his desire he violated everything he knew to be true to satisfy his lust. A cycle was set into motion.

Even if for just a moment, David chose his lust for conquering over the companionship and intimacy of the Presence of God. The effects of that choice ran throughout the lives of his sons and daughters. Even to Solomon, who chose to follow his lust for wisdom and fame, which led to his many wives and concubines, his “prizes” –  a harem filled with beautiful women who followed after other gods and drew the heart of Solomon away from the One true God, Yahweh. If you read Ecclesiastes you will see just how far his heart was drawn away.

If you are familiar with the story of David and Bathsheba, then you will know that in spite of how Bathsheba became David’s wife, it was her son, Solomon, whom God chose to be the heir to the throne. It was her son, Solomon, whom God chose to continue the seed of the line of His Son, the Messiah, our Savior. Out of such complete brokenness and heartache, God brought forth the One Who would change everything!

From brokenness to beauty, from despair to victory, from death to life. The story of redemption, of resurrection – the Lamb of God, slain from before the foundations of this world. The Son of God, sacrificed for our iniquities, to transform our separation from God into not only fellowship and companionship with God, but into deep, life-sustaining intimacy!

Truly this is a severe mercy!

Come, Lord Jesus, BE the child of God, the very Life of God, in me!

Are you prepared for the Risen Lord to appear to you and transform your life?